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Hello world! June 26, 2010

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This blog will chronicle the development process of the game Battlefields of Crinikii! I’ll post updates soon talking about the progress I’ve made thus far and the things I have learned.

This blog is intended for both the technical and non-technical audiences as I will (or when I don’t, am willing to) explain the more advanced topics.  It won’t be all programming anyway, as a good portion of time will also be spent on balancing the three different races in the game that the players will get to choose from.

Info about the game:  BFoC is a head-to-head war strategy game, i.e. will be a thinking game — tactical play along with resource management without having to micromanage the troops.  The maps are simple:  players’ bases will be at each end of a linear map with a goal of knocking down the wall that is the only defense of the base.  Players will produce troops, place them into a formation, then send them across the battlefield to take out the enemy’s troops and break down the wall. Once the health of the wall falls to zero, the game is over.

Players will be rated on a system similar to the ELO system (used by many chess federations) to help keep the matches interesting.  There will also be tournament play, however I haven’t decided on how exactly this will work yet, though it will definitely be implemented and probably in several different formats (one-two day tournaments, ongoing tournaments).

Some of my inspirations for this game are warcraft/starcraft, Swirve.com’s Utopia, Chess, and (yes, it’s true!) American Football!

So far, I have the server about 50% complete and am currently doing some character modeling (i.e. learning how to use GIMP and doing computer art).  The server is programmed in C, the game in C++/OpenGL, and character modeling & animations are done using Blender and The Gimp.

In my next post, I’ll summarize the server’s progress thus far, and how I did it.  See you soon!