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Progress Update and Race Outline August 4, 2010

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Good news!  I have the models loaded on the screen now! w00t! …only the model is a cube that moves from side to side, but that’s a solid beginning.  I shall do a little more work to the rocket walker and finish drawing the basic Pelladian soon.  However, I’m not working on that today since I’m in a programming mood and am now in a designing mood so I’m taking advantage of it and laying out the classes for the program.  When I get it finished/finalized, I’ll post it on here for all to see.  I also have made good progress with designing the military units.  I’m going for the different races = different ways to play strategy, where each race has different pros and cons that will be balanced out so that no race is stronger than the other.  Here are the races:

Crinikian — Very technological, but not big on science. The Crinikian forces rely on robots and projectile weapons with good armor piloted by soldiers with excellent instincts for operating machines.  There are a few Crinikiians that have mastered science and make the weapons for the military to use, which range from grenades, rockets, heavy shells, mines, and perhaps a nuke or two.

Arkonite — Many believe they have magical powers, but some thing they are just scientifically advanced — no one knows for sure as they are very secretive with their “magic” devices that can do significant damage to any enemy.  They also carry “magic” shields that can regain strength after taking damage.  There is also a pyrotechnic side to the Arkonites; they can “summon” a “fire” that can stick to the enemy and can’t be doused.

Pelladian — These alien lifeforms and uninvited guests on Planet Crinikii bring some weaponry never before seen in the known universe.  Their solid black shells and glowing eyes might be fearsome enough, but coupled with their psionic weaponry and the ability to make someone melt from inside out is enough to make anyone run for the hills.



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