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Character Models loaded :) August 10, 2010

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Just a quick update, won’t take long.

Last week I was able to get the character model loader to work.  I now have a textured cube that moves up and down on the screen while moving from side to side.  The up and down is done in the program and side-to-side is done via animation set in Blender.  This may not sound like much, but it’s the framework for how a real character model will walk across the screen.

Currently, I’m still in a programming mood not an art mood so I’m coding some more.  Right now I’m working on NAT traversal (i.e. getting through routers) while continuing with the code designing and figuring out how to code up the battles while keeping units from “running over” each other.  As far as big hurdles go I believe these are some of the last.  I’m also still trying to get my thoughs straight on how to do unit production, i.e. where to place the buildings (either on the map or across the bottom of the screen).

Other things that are finalized:

Formation editor — will be a grid where players can drag and drop units to make formations and launch them towards the enemy.

Design — all units will be a part of a polymorphic class (of course).  Simple designs are better, and Object Oriented approaches make that happen.  The rest of the design and details haven’t been ironed out, but that one is definite.

In Progress:

Client-side networking — NAT punch-through (being worked on now, will use UDP protocol with an encryption scheme).

Attack & movement algorithm — designing the data structures to handle attacking and makeing sure collisions do not happen.

GUI design — kinda decided on, but then again maybe not…

For more updates, follow me on twitter! @aknartrebna or look for/use the hashtag #bfoc.



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